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​​Who We Are

Our Mission is to provide a Safe, Friendly and Professional atmosphere to share the Magic of the Martial Arts.  We do this with Professional Instructors who are trained to tailor lessons to fit the Student.

We provide One-on-One lessons to each student that steps through our doors.  Group sessions are FREE and are used for the exercise, team and confidence building that the Martial Arts is famous for. Private sessions are for providing the individual Student with the information they need to progress more efficiently and individually through the art.

The Logo

The main image on our logo is the Tiger.  The Tiger is known for Tenacity, Courage and Power.  It is the strongest of the 5 animals taught by the Chinese Martial Arts.  Practitioners of the Tiger style use their entire body to generate powerful strikes. 

The Southern in Southern Tiger refers to the Southern style.  Martial Artists that train in Southern Style use the lower half of the body to create power to strike and they tend use less acrobatic and aerial kicks.

The name Southern Tiger to us means that we are rooted in strong values.  We are not fake, we are tenacious and we use our knowledge to defend our selves and those around us that cannot defend themselves.

The words at the bottom of the logo are: Service, Respect and Control.  These are our principles.  We believe that one should always serve others needs before their own.  We not only have respect for others but also for ourselves.  When you have respect for your self and others the choices you make are keep those people in mind. Finally, we have Control.  We believe when you posses something as powerful as the Martial Arts you must control yourself and control your emotions.

The kanji to the right of the Tiger is Shaolin Chuan Fa.  This is, basically, translated to mean Shaolin Kempo. Kempo is an art that originated in the Temple, traveled through Japan to Hawaii and finally to North America.

Private Class

These classes are scheduled according to your schedule and can be any time during our normal hours of operation.

Class Schedule

Group Class schedules will be posted here every month.  Please contact the studio for more information. 


1105 Park Ave. Orange Park, FL 32073

(904) 866-6622